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And on to Columbus

Peter van Dyk | 21:33 UK time, Monday, 19 March 2007

Setting up at Wosu@COSIWell, they're packing up after the Cleveland programme before jumping in a van and driving down to meet me here at WOSU in Columbus, Ohio. The road trip was inspired by Ros' trip last year from Cleveland to Detroit.

I'm waiting at WOSU@COSI where we've started getting the studio ready for the audience.

One of the things we'll be taking about is the campaign to impeach President Bush over the war. Washington State Senator Eric Oemig to join us on Tuesday to debate impeachment - he's one of the leading voices calling for Bush to be impeached.

Do you think the president has done anything that would warrant impeachment?

It's a question we might put to the Iraqis that will be joining us for the programme. Tuesday is the anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq - there's special coverage on the BBC all this week - and we will try to hear from Iraqis to get their views on the invasion, the situation now, and the future.

If you could talk to an Iraqi, what one question would you ask? Tell us and we'll try to give you your chance.


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