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What an act to follow

Richard Bowen | 06:00 UK time, Wednesday, 7 February 2007

cybertowers.bmpIf you didn’t hear last night’s show from Delhi University then you missed a treat. You can, of course read the live blog but I assure you it won’t convey the energy, passion and depth of discussion undertaken by not only the students but the callers as well. I’d advise you go to the WHYS home page and listen to the whole thing again. I was gripped, but also a little nervous as the pressure on Hyderabad just went up. Straight after the show Mark summed it up in a text which read…

…“follow that gov. No pressure!”

Well, now it is my turn, the guests have been called (all 50 of them…and yes, it took a while), all manner of Indian Bureaucracy has been appeased, I hope, and the team are on their way (again, I hope!)

The picture at the top of the page is the Cyber Towers and we’re in the auditorium/conference room somewhere in the bottom right of the picture.

I’ve been to the gym, told myself everything’s going to be fine and phoned my mom so I’m as ready as I can be for tonight’s show. There’s a small matter of a Five Live interview with some call centre workers I’ve set up, for the early afternoon, then it’s hour counting time till the business leaders, BPO workers, call centre staff and students of Hyderabad come together to talk about, well, whatever they want.

There’s been a few key topics that our audience have said they want to talk about tonight, including, unsurprisingly; India’s economic growth, the degradation of traditional Indian culture as a result of this growth, affirmative action in the education system, the bridging of the North South divide and much more. As usual though we haven’t decided the agenda and if you have any last thoughts send them to me.

Well, I’ve just received another text from Mark saying the team are now sitting on the plane waiting to leave Delhi so, it’s time for me to say my goodbyes and make the their arrival into this wonderful city as comfortable as possible.

Speak soon



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