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Iraq troop pull out

Richard Bowen | 11:20 UK time, Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced that the UK will cut 1,600 troops from it's deployment in southern Iraq over the coming months. This despite many in Southern Iraq feeling it is now in the grip of Shia militias. Over the past few weeks we've been asking you how you feel about the situation in Iraq.Do you think the pull out is the right decision? Or is it too early? Are troops from your country currently in Iraq? Should they now pull out?

South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress, has accused the BBC of being racist. The ANC accused the BBC of helping to feed "the deeply embedded stereotype that Africans are genetically inferior" following a news report by John Simpson on the country's escalating crime problem. Did you hear the report? Do you agree with the ANC, was it racist? What do you think of the BBC's coverage of Africa?

Here's what didn't make it into today's show

This one's from Ben

The UK Government's fertility watchdog is meeting today to will decide if women can donate their eggs for medical research in return for money or cheaper fertility treatment. What do you think? Will this stem cell research aid research into Parkinson's and diabetes or is the health risk too great?
Mattia, Our newest WHYS team member, likes these
An Italian judge has backed the right of a young Pakistani couple to get married over the phone. Would you tie the knot like this?
It's Mugabe's birthday today and Zimbabwe is one of many countries in isolation from the rest of the world because of it's leader is seen as a dictator. Should the world turn its back against them? Maybe a look at tourism in those areas - to go or not to go?


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