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Richard Bowen | 21:10 UK time, Friday, 2 February 2007

india_flag_big203.jpgSo, if you haven't already heard, pretty much all of BBC World Service Radio is gearing up and heading off to India for a series of programmes known to me and you as India Rising Week.

Of course us WHYSers aren't about to miss out on a trip like this so we'll be out there for five days of programmes starting on Monday 5th February in Chandigarh. As Fiona wrote last week, we'll also be visiting Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai and we want you to come and take part. "But where exactly are you going to be?" I hear you cry... Well here's your answer...

chandigarh-assembly203.jpgFirst stop Sector 4, Chandigarh. We'll be live from the home of one of the city's most acclaimed theatre personalities, Neelam Mansingh. She's kindly allowed us to broadcast from the performance space at the back of her house, where I'm sure the team will be practicing their somewhat lacklustre acting skills.

delhi_university_logo203.gifNext is Delhi where we'll be at the city's main University in New Delhi. We've booked a small seminar room where we'll be speaking to students, lecturers and locals about, among other things, India's place on the global stage and where they see their country in 20 years time.

cybertowers_hyderabad203.gifVenue number three is the Cyber Towers in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of an increasing number of cities that's coming to represent the rapid growth of India's technology market and the Cyber Towers, located in the appropriately named Hi-tech city, is one of the best examples of this growth. We'll be speaking to people who work there, finding out what life's like in Hi-tech City and asking what affect the economic and technological boom is having on Indian society.

On days 4 and 5 we're in Mumbai and we've got a couple of cracking venues to finish off the week. On Thursday the team will be at Koyla, a bar and restaurant in Colaba. We'll be broadcasting from the Hookah Bar which I'm assured is out of this world! On Friday we'll be ending the week as we started it, in someone's house. And not just anyone's house - we've been invited by one of Rabiya's friends in the Mahalaxmi West area of Bombay. Apparently it's got enough room for 80 people - we all know Princess Parekh doesn't do things by halves. So, if you're interested in coming along let us know.

In fact if you're interested in coming along and taking part in any of these programmes click here, send me your phone number and the location you'd like to attend and I'll be in touch. Just to warn you places are limited so get in touch as soon as possible. And, as if you needed any more enticing to come and see the WHYS team there'll be free food and drink at all the locations. Each show will start at 23:30 and finish 00:30 IST, now I know that sounds late but don't let that put you off because we'll be providing transport home after the programme for anyone that wants it.

But don't worry, if you're not able to come to any of the live shows you can still make yourself heard by telling us what we should be talking about. If you're in India what are the big issues for you? What are people talking about where you live? If you've got family in India, if you've been to India or even if you've got an opinion about the place let us know what you think we should be talking about. And if you know nothing about India, tell us what you'd like to find out. That's right, there's no excuse for not getting in touch!


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