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In the news today

Fiona Crack | 10:06 UK time, Thursday, 1 February 2007

I should be on my way to India for next week's special India Rising season but red tape has stopped me going and I'm now in a windowless office in Shepherd's Bush. It's not that I'm bitter, well, maybe a little.

Still, on with the show.

Top stories today including, the US issuing a warning to Iran, telling them to stop helping Iraqi militants to make lethal bombs, while France announces a smoking ban in public places.

And the parents of sextuplets in Canada are protesting in court against the provincial government after social workers seized three of their babies and doctors gave two of them blood transfusions. As Jehovah's Witnesses the parents oppose the treatment on religious grounds. Two of the six children have died since their birth on January 7.

A letter from Silvio Berlusconi's wife has been published in La Repubblica. She is demanding a public apology for his flirting. How would you deal with a husband with a roving eye? Has she been unfair, causing him public embarrassment? Or did he deserve it?

A plot to kidnap and execute Muslim soldiers serving in the British army is foiled by police. Could we hear from some Muslim soldiers serving in the British or American armies?

President Chavez gets sweeping new powers and is able to rule by decree for 18 months. Do Venezuelans think it will help transform the country into a socialist society or is it an abuse of power?

The trial of a blogger in Egypt for Egypt's al-Azhar religious authorities, President Husni Mubarak and Islam resumes today. Amnesty International has this to say.

And two stores I love; an apprentice geisha launches her blog, whilst the Aussies ban mexican waves at the cricket.


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