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Final stop

Rabiya Parekh | 12:31 UK time, Friday, 9 February 2007

Well, it's day 5 of our India tour and juding by the talk after last night's programme it feels like day 50!

Tonight we’ve been invited to broadcast the show from the terrace of one of yesterday’s audience members, Ketan. His office is in Mahalaxmi West, and has a beautiful terrace over looking this side of Mumbai.

The bonus of tonight’s venue is that it has lights, seating and a table. Unfortunately no illuminated palm tree, but hey, we can’t have everything..

I’ve just spoken to Fiona and David back at base, and they tell me we’ve been receiving lots of suggestions about what people want us to talk about tonight.

Patriotism and what it means to be Indian is certainly up there. Talking to a few people yesterday I got the impression that younger Indian’s are probably less patriotic than their parents’ generation. Why? Well, many certainly value the culture and the background that they come from, but they are more open to what the wider world has to offer and talked about how sometimes you have to let go of tradition to fit in to new societies.

Do you agree? Anu has been sharing her experiences too, you can read that here.

Fiona will be live bloggin tonight, so keep sending us your thoughts and if we cant read them out, we'll certainly post them here..


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