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350 people have their say

Fiona Crack | 11:20 UK time, Tuesday, 20 February 2007

My second full day of planning in Boston has reaped great rewards....

The ISDN line - the broadcast quality connection - has been made and tested with our studios in London, so we're ready to go tomorrow from our first of two programmes in Boston. Thursday's programme will be from the Public Media Conference 2007 where we expect to have an audience of 350 people.

We've also invited some of the delegates of the conference to join our editorial meeting in the morning. It's an early start and by 7.30am EST time - 12.30pm GMT - we'll be looking at the stories making the news and the things that are getting people talking and thinking about what to include in the programme.

We're sure that our invitees will have their own ideas but, as always, we welcome what you want to talk about. You can email us with your suggestions.

350 will be our biggest live audience since we launched over 15 months ago, we're expecting lots of challenges and lots of running round with microphones. Join us to hear what some of the most influential people in US radio, and what you our listeners, think about the stories making news.


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