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Who bears responsibility for climate change?

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 11:15 UK time, Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Is it the government, corporations or the individual?

Ruth blogging today and it's an energy special today following President Bush's State of the Union address. We want to hear your opinions on energy conservation.

And...should legislation force people to act against their beliefs? The heads of both Christians churches in the UK are campaigning against anti-discrimination legislation that would require Catholic adoption agencies to place children with gay couples. Tony Blair is pushing for an opt-out for the church - what do you think?

In President Bush's address, energy policy was near the top of the agenda. Mr Bush called for a 20% cut in petrol consumption by 2017. Are you prepared to cut your petrol use? Would you pay more for your petrol?

Also what about China and India? Should they be pursuing hardline energy conservation? There are sucessful alternative energy initiatives going on in Brazil. What's happening in your country?

In his address President Bush also urged America to give his new Iraq strategy "a chance to work".
So did you watch the speech? What did you make of it?.

Stories for another day...

1. Have you heard of Hounddog? A film that is upseting people because of a scene which shows the rape of a young girl by a teenager. Is 12 year-old actress Dakota Fanning too young to be talking part in such a scene? More at Anna's post.

2. German companies will be able to hire people to take part in public protests. How souless has life become?. Why don't we have the passion to protest anymore?

3. Also...a new study has found the world's worst sound.What's yours?


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