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What is Britishness and would you like a second life? LIVE!

Peter van Dyk | 17:53 UK time, Thursday, 25 January 2007

Its that time again folks - We're on air for the next hour. As paul told you earlier we're asking what is Britishness and what do you think of Second Life

If you'd like to take part please call us +44 20 70 83 72 72 or post a comment

What is Britishness?

Johnson, Nigeria.
Here is Nigeria we have a word for Britishness and its called "Britico" and roughly means someone who does things the way they ought to be done. A compliment to all British people.

Lubna, Iraq.
To me,being British is to tolerate all people living in society even if they're from a different religion or race.

Susannah, California
As an American raised in public schools, I was taught "American-ness." But I think that many Americans would agree that by teaching it you become a sort of drone. In someways the terrorists, not school teachers taught Americans patriotism and values.

british means racism

Comments on Second Life

Tonight we have Ren Reynolds in the studio, he's going to be telling us all about Second Life.

Mark Marren
why bother going to yet another cash based society?
I'm all for escapism, but the one vulgar aspect of the real world is the endless scrabbling after cash.
If anyone creates a cashless virtual world, I'm in.

Nicole from germany really enjoys second life and is a regular user

Monica from the US has called in to say she's unconvinced about second life - real life is a whole lot more satisfying for her.

Steve in Utah
Like any other on-line venue, one has to worry about if people are honestly representing themselves. Do avid Second Lifers feel that others are honest with them about how they truly are in the real world? Are they themselves honest as well?

Andrew, UK
I recently tried out second life. Very disappointing. The graphics are slow and jerky and its not very interactive.

Ryan, Rome, Italy
I love my e-life. Contrary to the popular perception, the virtual world is stuffed full of some very interesting, helpful and friendly people. It's not another life, it's part of this life.

My first dream was to be a pilot,but my poor eyesight got in the way.Now thanks to microsoft flight simulator 2004 I am a virtual airline pilot from my bedroom.

David in Portland
People look for community in different imagined institutions; state, sports, church and whatnot. Second life is just another community that supports it's inhabitants as they need it and are able to function in it.

I don't want a second life i just want Hareem.

Narh, Accra, Ghana.
We are working towards man's extinction by getting people stuck more and more to computers and TV sets. Sam

Samuel, Nigeria
Second life is mere illusion. Fantasy that has nothing to contribute to happiness

Sanford, Michigan in the U.S.A.
Second Life is fantasy entertainment and, as such, there's nothing wrong with that. Users shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this is a wealth-generating business, however. That people want to increasingly participate in anonymous fantasy as opposed to engaging in the real world and all that it offers - is - the - problem. The proportion of time spent in escapist activities versus life-affirming reality seems to be heading in the wrong direction. What are the socially redeeming aspects to Second Life beyond simple entertainment?

Max, Ukraine
Second life. Everybody has their vice.


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