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What is a child worth?

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 17:24 UK time, Friday, 19 January 2007

It's Ruth blogging your thoughts and comments tonight.

Should a dead man become a father? An Israeli soldier is to become a father almost five years after he died. He has never met the mother.

Will death penalty ban work? Rwanda's government says it's approved plans to scrap the death penalty, in a step which could remove a major obstacle to the transfer back home of defendants facing trial over the 1994 genocide. We'd like to hear from Rwandans...

Also, children’s parties. Are they worth it? Or just endless stress for your and your child? We like to hear your experiences.

Rwandan Death Penalty

Roberto, the Death Penalty should be banned. It goes against the nature of respect for all Human Life from Womb to Tomb.

Field Mukapa, death penalty should not be abolished.
people must face the law.

Prudonsiyen has called in. She lost her family in the genocide. She asks Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama how justice will be served?

Israeli soldier

L. Walker, instead of bringing a fatherless and motherless life into the world to act in place of her grief counselor, she should put her effort and sorrow into humanitarian aid to relieve the suffering of children on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Silja in Israel says we have to understand the context. In the jewish faith the spiritual connection between children and their parents are very strong. It's not just continuation of bloodline.

Sheila calls in to say she thinks it's beautiful. She's a nurse and has seen so many young people torn from life by sudden trauma.

Steve, New York says we're not addressing the ethics of the issue.

Abdelillah, Morocco says it's a triumph of life over death.

Wolfgang from Germany says it's not okay because children have the right to have parents. No-one thinks about the child, they only think about themselves

Rich, Nigeria says the child shouldn't be born because it won't have a father.

Julie says it's sick to do this just to continue a bloodline.

Susannah say if it's against the father's living wishes, im totally against it.

Children's parties

Monique, DC it is over the top - a sign of a consumer society gone wrong - for so many reasons.

Patricia Nzomo is in our Nairobi studio with her daughter Hiromi. Hiromi wants a PSP playstation for her birthday, Patricia is trying to talk her out of a party.

Ann Clark teaches childcare students how to create a good party for children.

Maureen calls in to say it's getting out of hand.

Haresh says If a child is too young to go to sleep smiling with thoughts of his or her party on the mind, they are too young to have a huge party thrown for them. If the parents want to celebrate the birthday of such a young child and they have the means, then they should.



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