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Wednesday's prospects...

| 09:24 UK time, Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Morning all, from a rather snowy London! The snow has caused havoc to the London Underground so apologies if this post finds you slightly later than normal.

So did you watch President Bush give his State of the Union address? I was tucked up in bed but heard a BBC correspondent on the World Service say this morning that Bush was "close to begging" for his country's support on Iraq. What did you make of it?

All week we've been asking how you feel about the news from Iraq, but we haven't had chance to discuss it on air properly yet. Should we discuss it today?

There's a bit of a storm brewing in the UK over the rights of gay people to adopt. The Catholic Church and the Church of England have united over plans to place children with gay couples, saying their teachings prevent it's agencies from doing so.

Tony Blair apparently favours a compromise on the issue, but is a compromise to keep gay campaigners and the Church happy actually possible? Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and his counterpart John Sentamu, have written to the Prime Minister. In the letter, they highlight the danger of the row escalating to the point where some might question the ability of people with a strong faith to be in government.

Should we discuss religion and politics today? Or ask if gay couples should be able to adopt children? What are the attitudes to this in your country?

Have you heard of Hounddog? A film that is upseting people because of a scene which shows the rape of a young girl by a teenager. Is 12 year-old actress Dakota Fanning too young to be talking part in such a scene? Her agent mother seems to think not but the religious groups who protested after it's premiere at the Sundance Festival on Monday say it celebrates paedophilia. Have you seen it?

Bill Donohue, Director of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has called for the film to be banned, despite admitting he hasn't seen it. Should he be protesting over a film he hasn't seen?


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