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Wednesday night live!

| 18:09 UK time, Wednesday, 10 January 2007

As Paul wrote earlier, today we're talking about the the EU's "energy revolution", more on Somalia, and we'll be hearing briefly from some of our partner stations in the US ahead of President's speech on his Iraq policy.
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We have heard from Ferran Tarradellas, the EU spokesperson for energy on why they are bringing in this policy.
Dr. Hermann Scheer, Member of the German Parliament and Christian Kjaer of the European Wind Energy Association have joined the conversation.

This e-mail from Mark:
Once again, Europe takes the lead with right thinking, this time on energy policy. If Europe leads the way, the rest of the world will follow...as always.

Ken in Cleveland agrees:
I commend all of the European countries participating in the new initiative to reduce greenhouse gasses. Europeans should be proud to be the ethical leaders in a problem that isn't going away. One day I hope more Americans realize we are also part of the problem and follow suit.

We hear callers from France, America, the UK and Germany on the subject.

Dr Chewya joins us from our Nairobi studio to talk about Somalia, along with Mohamed, a Somali living in Kenya.

This anonymous text:
American policy towards muslim countries is totally unfair. It lied on sudan phamacutical factory, iraq, palestine etc.

- Kangal, Washington DC has e-mailed:
Once again the renegade administration of these United States has resorted to cowboy diplomacy in an attempt to show results in the so-called "War on Terror". All true Americans are ashamed of these actions. Will the world ever forgive us?

I disagree witht he last gentleman about Somalia not complaining about the US. The Ethiopian Prime Minister did say that it was better when the Ethiopians and Somalis were fighting by themselves without the US interfering.

US bombings against suspected alqaeda is justifiable under both moral and inter. law. terrorists must be eliminated globaly.


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