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Tuesday Night Live!

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 17:18 UK time, Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Good evening, it's Tuesday night and you've got Ruth again, I'm afraid.

Get in touch and get involved tonight by email, text or phone. The details are on the right hand side >>>>>>>

Tonight's topics as blogged by Ros

Is Africa portrayed fairly in the movies?

Is it racist to call an Indian woman 'the Indian'?

Who deserves a biopic?

Barack Obama - does he get your vote?

Africa in Films

Monica, Detroit, USA I would love to see films about africa

I live in Portland OR and see all the films about Africa I can find - if not in the theatres then from Netflix.

Sorious Samura, independent film maker and Anant Singh (South African) International film producer and Academy Award nominee are on the phone. Anant is making a film about Nelson Mandela.

Monica, Detroit I would love to see films about africa...my problem is more about finding the time to actually to to the theater. The two films mentioned are on my to see list, just have to find the time and unfortunately I might not be able to see it til it goes on DVD.

Duncan, FairfaxWould love to see a movie that chronicled the life and struggles of the lost boys of Sudan, but I am afraid it will be colorfully interpreted into a blockbuster movie , and not a good story

Racism in Big Brother

Shoa from Mumbai says it's racists, Jess from Texas and Annie from Scotland say it's not. Joy says it's bullying

Andy Rossiter, West Yorkshire If you met a Scottish person you'd call them a scot, a british person you'd call a brit, so I can't see what the problem is with calling an Indian an Indian.

Mike Jones, Warrington, UK; The critisism of Shilpa from the others has been more than valid. Jo, Jade and Danielle were quite correct in trying to tell her how to cook a chicken. Shilpa has brought this on herself, by refusing to listen.

Stephen Richards, London, UK; Rather than racism, it is plain bullying. The girls see Shilpa as the stunning, charismatic, talented, wealthy, megastar actress that she is. And, they have? Well, what do they have?

Reena from London says it is racist in the current situation and is offensive.

Jason Moore Calling someone "The Indian" or "the Black" is racist, regardless of context.


Helen in Virginia U.S.A I am a Democrat who has been voting since 1960. The first black American President? Yes, indeed!!! I will certainly vote for Barack Obama in 2008. We desperately need people with integrity and intelligence in our government.

Robert is on the phone and is a big fan of Obama.

Vincent, You recently corrected someone who said "potential candidacy" by saying that Obama is now definitely running. That is not precisely correct. Obama announced today that he is forming an exploratory committee, which is the first step to a possible run for office, but it does not yet mean that he definitely is running.

Mark, Michigan, USAOne of the major criticisms of Barack Obama is his relative inexperience at the national level. Based on what we've seen from well experienced politicians in Washington, Obama may well offer a refreshing and untainted view of what's best for America. I look forward to hearing more from him during the upcoming presidential race.

Cory, Oregon, USA While Obama may be a good man, he is relatively new to politics. Like Carter I believe this to be his downfall as he will not know how to use the system to his advantage. This does not make it right, but it is the reality. What he stands for is anti-establisment.

More on African Films

Megan and Dingi - Husband and wife film makers in South Africa are in our studio.

Aaron Kohn, Cleveland I think over the last few years we've seen some great films not simply on the topic of Africa, but also made in Africa. The JoBurg film scene is huge. Tsotsi and Yesterday, both best foreign film awards were great productions.

Fidelis in Nigeria joins us and says people need to understand Africa to make films about it. Stephan, USA says it's getting better.

Moses, Uganda says Last King of Scotland has some accurate aspects but doesn't compare to the real thing.

Jon from the US, I have seen, and very much enjoyed Hotel Rwanda and Constant Gardener. Both films showed the plight of the average native African perfectly

Chris Erb, I am curious to hear from some Africans how accurate the movie "Totsi" was. Personally, as an American I loved the work, but I am not sure it is accurate or not!

Pick of the biopics

MP in Finland Yo Blair!" - Hip hop movie feat. B.I.G. Dubya and Lil' Tony

Harry Flashman, England "The Life of Tony Blair" or 'Carry on Scrounging.'The story of an everyday PM who is not above scamming free flights out of British Airways or selling the odd peerage for party funds.

Nazanin Mossadegh, Cambridge, A film about Mohammed would help non-Muslims to distinguish between Islamic and Arab traditions.

Holly Whitehead United Kingdom The story of Mohammed starring Sascha Baron Cohen

Jason Dimmell, California A movie specifically about Saladin the Muslim conquerer of Jerusalem

Ian Paton, Spain I'm looking forward to a movie about Saddam Hussein. I would like Stephen Spielberg to direct it.

Gary, NZ votes for Sir Edmund Hillary, Edward, Italyfor Margaret Thatcher, Sam, Egypt votes for another Gandi film.

The question came up briefly: is America ready for a black president? Do you want to talk about this? Let us know >>>>>>>

And with a final assurance that it's all comment, folks from Ros, that's it. Goodnight!


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