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Maria in France

| 12:42 UK time, Friday, 12 January 2007

maria75.jpgAlthough I currently live in the south of France, I'm a dark fiction writer, so my imagination could be dwelling anywhere at any given moment. I write short stories, books, poetry, screenplays -- you name it, I've done it. For money, usually, but for love if I must...

My stories are dark and lush like ancient forests, although sometimes funny like your great aunt when she mispronounces "organism." (Go to www.thehandlesspoet.com to see what I mean).

I also sing and make men cry. Not always at the same time, either.

I love reading BBC news. I initially encountered the HYS message boards when I was feeling particularly grumpy about something Bush or Dick or Dino or Michael Jackson or Mr. Ed had done (I can never remember). I posted opinion after opinion and found that I could wave my arms in the air like Kermit the Frog or make hair pulling motions, or even just say something snarky. Cos snarky is good. Real good. I especially enjoy being snarky about things like religion, literature and sex. Who doesn't? Still, I liked seeing other people's ideas. Sometimes they were so sensible they changed my mind.

Then I answered a BBC online form asking if I had ever visited or lived in Paris. I happened to be in Paris that very day -- it was my third visit, the second in three months. And Anna, this really sweet BBC producer from WHYS, emailed me and asked if I wanted to talk about Paris on-air. She didn't even get cross when I talked all over her. How could I say no?

So, WHYS, wherefore dost I love thee? Because you let me say what's on my mind in one place where lots of other folk are saying what's on their mind, all on the same topic at the same time. It gives me perspective and helps me be more tolerant. "Us" and "Them" come together with voices and names to discuss our beliefs and thoughts. That's an important thing these days, when people'd rather shoot than share. (And I'm really more of a shooter. Trust me.) If the world is going to keep spinning with any people on it, this is where it starts...


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    An update is appropriate. Since July of 2007, I've been living back in Los Angeles. I miss France but I'm glad to be back, working for The Mouse, writing, and following WHYS as often as possible. Ros even invited me to see the inside of the Beeb Bus last year when they visited Los Angeles and we did a show on Venice Beach. I love this show.


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