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How do you feel about the news from Iraq?

  • Ros Atkins
  • 23 Jan 07, 11:57 AM

One story we weren't planning to talk about on Monday's edition of World Have Your Say was the latest spate of bomb attacks in Baghdad.

It's a measure of how commonplace violence is in Iraq that these attacks did not become a lead story for many major newspapers, websites and broadcasters until the death toll passed 50. It also has to be said that there was no particular surge in emails and blog posts from you wanting to talk about it.

But as the day went on, as a news programme it became impossible to ignore what was happening.

The death toll passed 100 before we went on air (it's now reached 150) and it was now the deadliest day of the year in Iraq.

So we decided to ask you how you feel when you hear about the violence in Iraq? Do you feel angry, sad, maybe even bored or indifferent?

How you feel about the way the conflict in Iraq is reported? At what point does a car bomb in Iraq warrant a place at the top of the headlines? If 20 people were killed by a car bomb almost anywhere else, it's likely that would be higher up the news agenda.

As the conflict approaches the end of its fourth year, does the relentlessness of the news of casualities (of all nationalities) cease to have the impact it once did - both on you and the media you use for your news?

Below are some of the responses we received and we'd welcome your contributions as well.

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Iraq [as well as the Middle East] was the biggest mistake committed by the Republican and Democratic Elite. If the Republicans and Democratic Elite want to contribute something positive to the world, they shoudl withdraw from Iraq and resign their positions en masse via peaceful means.

Sorry for leaving another comment. There are news reports here in Miami about the following:

1. ETA [The Terrorist Organization in Spain: Anyone who commits acts of violence in my opinion are terrorists] is considering a move from Cuba to another area of Latin America in view of the deteriorating situation in Cuba with Castro's Health

2. Independents [including Greens and Libertarians] are still demonstrating for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

3. Miami-Dade County is voting in a referendum to give their mayor sweeping powers. It appears that 70% of the People favor a mayor with stronger powers.

4. Miami is preparing for the Super Bowl.

  • 3.
  • At 12:57 PM on 23 Jan 2007,
  • Leland wrote:

The war in Iraq is depressing. I need to hear about it, being a humble member of this hideously run country, and feel responsible to a certain extent for merely living here. I really would like to hear the number of total deaths more often, especially Iraq police and military, since US news seems not to consider these people noteworthy.

I am not sure if pulling out is the proper response, but going in in the first place was a very bad idea. I believe that the greatest problem is Bush, his low mental capacity, and his administrations inability to understand the meaning of the words diplomacy and dialog.

What really worries me is that the Shi'a Sunni violence would cross the Iraqi borders. The only reason Saudi-Arabia has not yet provided the Sunni militia with weapons appears to be that they are worried their weapons might eventually be used against their American allies. Iran and Syria launched an initiative yesterday to stop the violence in Iraq. Can this work when there are no Sunni countries involved? Now it only seems like an attempt to strengthen the Iraqi Shi'a community. In the meantime Sunni-Shi'a tensions grow in Lebanon. This doesn't look good.

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