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Good morning...

Paul Coletti | 08:48 UK time, Friday, 12 January 2007

Today's trawl for ideas is a little less frantic than normal seeing as we've already got two great talking points for tonight. Anna set them up and you can read about them here. But to summarise: we'll be talking to Joel stein who hates audience interaction and we' revisit the N-word debate with rapper NYOil.

We'll be joined by Joel Stein tonight. As he explains here (if you get asked for a login try getting one from this lot), he's not comfortable with all this new-fangled-audience-driven journalism-interactivity-thingy . . . it's a view shared by others; we received this e-Mail recently from a pundit we had on the show: "I guess I'm a more heirarchical type who thinks that perhaps people should listen to experts who might actually know something." Ouch! We want your calls tonight . . . Mr Stein is bracing himself.

David Beckham
Is it the biggest deal in sports history? The Sun says: Posh and Bucks, the New York Post says Soccer Saviour. In a $250million deal David Beckham will be earning 81p a second when he goes to Los Angeles (by the way, the estimated annual economic value for Liberia is $126million). The USA is a relative backwater in world football terms, so is this move motivated solely by money or does Becks really want to "take soccer in the US to another level"? If you're in the USA, we'd be interested to know just how well-known David Beckham is?

A resurgent Al Qaeda?
According to a senior US intelligence chief Al Qaeda is rebuilding in Pakistan. I'm not quite sure on an angle for this news. Does it surprise you? How does this announcement sit with Pakistan's role as ally in the War on Terror? Is President Musharraf's doing enough to counter the threat?

Greek embassy attack
As if having to deal with Al Qaeda wasn't enough. Some terrorists in Greece have hit the US embassy with a rocket. Not for the first time incidentally.The authorities are claiming it's the work of left-wing extremists but this may be worth watching. I'm wondering what the angle is for this and Kevin, sitting next to me, has come up with "Is this a new front in the war on terror?"

Mengistu Haile Mariam
The former leader of Ethipoia has been sentenced to life for genocide. However, he is unlikely to serve the sentence because he in Zimbabwe enjoying the protection of Mr Mugabe. If you're in Ethiopia or Zimbabwe let us know your thoughts on the sentence - should he, like Saddam, have received the death penalty?

Food for North Korea?
Kim Jong Il has a novel plan for alleviating the near-starving state of his people. Giant rabbits. Read on . . . if you're wondering what to do with such critters, then try this.


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