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Friends and memories . . .

Paul Coletti | 12:34 UK time, Friday, 26 January 2007

Tonight we'll be talking about memorials and friends. . . read on for more details.

Jonathan Jones thinks "something is going on that serves the needs and desires of the present, and has nothing, really, to do with either making restitution for the past." Do you think he has a point? Does it matter whether you have a personal connection to a memorial going up in your neighbourhood or is there a memorial you feel is scandalously neglected by your community?

Here in London we aren't short of them: animals in war; the women of WWII; Princess Diana; the battle of Britian (my favourite - see pic below); the firefighters of the blitz; the polish war memorial and of course the Monument itself - Christopher Wren's tribute to the dead of the great fire of 1666.


Perhaps there's a memorial you feel should be constructed but which just doesn't garner enough interest?

"Fren-emies, who when you're down ain't your friend"
Thus sang the great Gregg Alexander in "You Only Get What You Give." The song is about fakery and really that's what this writer is on about when she says that in these busy, modern times we simply have too many friends who really "earn the title on the flimsiest of premises."

In Germany older folks will still remember the times when sitting down with a beer -- "lass uns zusammenstossen!" -- to decide they are no longer going to use the formal "Sie" and will instead graduate to the more informal "Du." But when do you elevate a new acquaintance to the status of friend? Could you truthfully say you have contacted everybody in your address book within the past year?


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