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Does homework work?

Richard Bowen | 10:50 UK time, Monday, 29 January 2007

homework203.jpgWell, no, if you believe Alfie Kohn the author of a controversial new book called The Homework Myth. He reckons homework increases family tensions, puts kids off work and, in the end doesn't make a difference to their exam scores. Instead he thinks kids should be allowed to relax after school and be given time to regenerate their their little minds for the next day's study. But what do you think? Is homework a waste of time? Or is it absolutely necessary for a child's intellectual development?

Right, what's else's about...

An African Union summit is opening in Ethiopia amid warnings by aid agencies that their operations in Darfur are on the brink of collapse. UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who is at the summit, says he will press Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to allow UN peacekeepers into the war-torn region. Mr Bashir is also due to assume the AU chairmanship - but human rights groups say that would be an outrage. What do you think? Will the African Union summit solve anything? What needs to be done to sort out the crisis in Sudan? Should Bashir be allowed to assume the chairmanship the AU?

Next, I saw an interesting piece in the comment section of the UK Sunday paper the Observer this weekend. It was by Mary Riddell and she argued that the cinematic deceptions of Africa in films like Blood Diamond and The Last King of Scotland are doing far more good for the continent than all the talk and good intentions coming from the world leaders gathered in Davos at the moment. Is she right? Do you pay more attention the the screen antics of Forrest or Leo than you do the words of Blair or Merkel?

So, surprise surprise, Shilpa wins Big Brother. For a show famed for making and, more recently, breaking careers will this be the catalyst Shilpa needs to re-ignite her career. It's been reported that she'll make a mint from endorsements following her appearance in the reality show but some Indian film critics still don't think her recent success will get the Bollywood film producers knocking at her door again.


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