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Abdelilah in Morocco

Peter van Dyk | 12:09 UK time, Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Abdelilah in MoroccoMy name is Abdelilah and I live in Marrakesh, Morocco. I listen to World Have Your Say on the website or on BBC radio broadcasts on NILESAT.

I was born in Marrakesh in Morocco on Dec 28th, 1964 and my listening to the BBC dates to my childhood. I blog at http://abdoukili4.blogspot.com.

I used to listen to BBC Arabic service. Then I shifted to BBC French service from which I started to learn English via “l’Anglais par la Radio” Then I shifted to BBC world Service to improve my English and for more English informative programmes.

Nowadays I mostly use BBC website for my information. I occasionally use CNN site. I personally find BBC far enough for me for UK and international news. For Moroccan news I shift mainly to Google for news search as well as to the sites of Moroccan Newspapers.

I did my university studies in English language and literature. The BBC during my studies was for me a real backup to improve my English and to know more about the outside world. I admit it has been for me the major source of information and the thing I learnt from the BBC is to try to be as objective as possible in reaction to world events without falling into bigotry or irrational judgements. The BBC was a torch for knowledge and truth in an era where freedom of expression was a luxury.

Professionally, I have been working as an English teacher in a public school since 1991. But my major interests are current events, especially those dealing with political matters. I don’t link my interests to any specific region in the world. I try to get close to events as long as they are of general interest and there is something to learn from them.

WHYS and its sister HYS are another aspect of BBC revolutionary approach to information - and I mean it. Contrary to some stations which set the agenda for their listeners and asking them to contribute along their editorial lines, WHYS and its sister HYS give the contributors the freedom of choosing a topic and commenting on it by e-mail or phone-in. Devoting one hour daily to WHYS is the best way to get listeners involved, instead of remaining passive recipients.

There is also the interaction with listeners and contributors.

My experience with WHYS & HYS has been fruitful so far. I compiled my highlighted contribution in the document I will attach with this message. My contributions to WHYS encouraged me to set up a blog in which I chronicle them.

WHYS, to conclude, is the incarnation of the first BBC motto which was that “Nations shall speak to Nations.”

Best regards,
Abdelilah, Marrakesh, Morocco



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