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Peter van Dyk | 17:29 UK time, Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Tonight we led on the conflict in Somalia – will it spill over into the surrounding region?

And its two years since the tsunami hit Asia, how has life progressed there? We talked to people in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Also, in the programme we looked at the life of former US President Gerald Ford who died yesterday at the age of 93. How will you remember him?

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Here's are some of the messages we've received during the programme...

Conflict in Somalia

Steve in Malawi
Ethiopia please leave Somalia alone. I am ashamed of being an African. Shame on Ethiopia but more shame to our so called African Union leaders. Let them learn from the EU.

Samuel Bombo, Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana.
The decision made by the AU urging Euthopia to withdraw now is unthinkable. Bravo, keep up the good work, until the horn of Africa is rid of the last terrorist.

Kokulo, Liberia
As radical as they seem, the courts brought some sense of normalcy to Somalia.They should be left alone as long as their people have no problem.

Bill from Liberia
Is it true that the African Union is aware and supportive of the war in Somalia? If true then what is the objective of the AU?

Tedla in New York
This invasion is financed and directed by the American forces in Djibouti without putting their boys on the ground. The Ethiopian army is a contracted army doing this dirty job which will bring the neighboring Somalis and Ethiopians to be on each other rather than work together to alleviate the deep economic crisis we are deep in.

In an email titled "no justification", Sakiru says "this invation is disheartning and pathetic".

Aula in Uganda
The war is justified because the transitional government is the right governemtn in somalia and she needed the support of Ethiopia to get rid of this terror group, the UIC.

Ola Daniels in Abuja, Nigeria
When will this sensless killing stop in Somalia? Be it from within or without Somalia, please BBC tell them it sad, sad, sad.

Anonymous text
My country Ethiopia is a strong and powerful country and can and should take whatever measures to defend itself. And I can garantee the world we are not used to backing away from defending ourself.

Lawrence in Uganda
The Islamic Union should be got rid of. They are terrorists and should be treated with the contempt they deserve. No need for Islamic fundamentalists.

Abdu, Abuja
Is the Ethiopian PM afraid the Islamic Union because they might influence the large number of Muslims suppressed in Ethiopia?

David in Kampala, Uganda
In todays New Vision, a govt minister is quoted as saying that the US govt had asked the Ugandan army to move into Somalia confirming US interest.

The death of former US President Gerald Ford

David from Rhode Island has started our item on former President Ford by giving us a brief outline of his term in office. "He was a fine gentleman who stepped into the void"

Barbara, a blogger, from New York State said at the time he came into office the nation was exhausted and really needed him

Debbie is another blogger. She suggests Ford was an average President at best

Robert in Washington suggests his ability to work with the opposition is his enduring legacy.

Joe, Los Angeles
Former President Gerald Ford was a good, decent Republican. We Americans should be thankful for his service.

Errol, Boston, MA.
Time has a way putting thing into perspective. In retrospect President Ford was the right man for the times.

Gabrielle in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
How could the death of the US's most minor president -- at a ripe old age -- possibly take precedence over the situation in Somalia? Forget Ford, just stay with Somalia.


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