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Whass Happenin'?

| 10:37 UK time, Wednesday, 15 November 2006

To quote Reginald D Hunter, one our guests on last night’s programme, who possesses one of the most radio friendly voices I’ve ever heard. Have a listen if you don’t believe me, the topic of discussion was pretty interesting too…!

As David “ahead of the game” Mazower mentioned in the last post (or was it James stealing his log in?) today we will be talking to Ken Ham, the man behind the world’s first creationism museum. Do you have any questions for him? He’s happy to answer them, so feel free to post them here.

As last night’s programme closed, news broke that South Africa has voted to legalise same sex marriage. You can read some instant reaction here, but please keep your thoughts coming, it’s highly likely they’ll be getting an airing later.

The political row in Bangladesh shows no sign of abating, Reuters are reporting that eight people have been injured after a series of small bombs exploded in the capital Dhaka, the capital city which has been thrown in to chaos since the protests began four days ago.

For some reason, the TV on my desk is tuned into a “countdown to launch” for the new Al Jazeera news channel. At 12.00GMT we will get our first glimpse of the Arabic TV station’s English language news output. The station launched ten years ago, and has hit the headlines for a number of reasons, including broadcasting exclusive tapes of Osama bin Laden following September 11th. Will you be watching? Tell us what you think.

Or do you know of a big talking point we don't? Quite a lot happening today, but we're only on Wednesday so keep your ideas coming.....


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