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Richard Bowen | 18:00 UK time, Wednesday, 1 November 2006

We're now off air but read what people have said tonight...

As Rabiya wrote earlier, today we're discussing the death of the former South African president P W Botha, how much influence your culture has on your sex life and reports out of Cairo that a mob of men attacked and sexually assaulted women outside a cinema hall on the first two days of Eid, last week.

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G. S in Zambia

Mr Botha was correct in prophesying that black rule would lead 2 poverty and lawlessness.

Mohamed Ahmed Mansour of Monrovia.
Mr. Buther will be remembered as one of the greatest men of the 20th Century may his soul rest in Peace.


Africa is tribal it just so happens that he was head of the only white tribe. There are many worse leaders on the continent.

Peter from the UK

Mr Botha was a hero,a leader and he stood up for what he believed in for this country. Today many whites are to scared to stand up for what they believe in, at least he was a true south african. Look at the country now, is it any better?

Anon from Oxford in the UK

Never thought I'd see the day the Groot Krokodil/great crocodile would pass away quietly in his sleep. Today shows some maturity on the ANC's part to offer its condolences, now, if only this maturity shone through everywhere else.

Nigel in the UK

He was a decent man who stuck to his principles, and despite apartheid, drove South Africa forward. The PC brigade regard him as evil, because he was white, and only white people can be racist.

P.W.Botha was the incarnation of Adolph Hitler. He died with the blood of innocent black South Africans on his hands. He's now in hell along side satan.

Atusaye- London

Let's learn to forgive and forget whatever evil this man did. We should think more about ways of solving the current problems eg gun crimes, HIV-AIDS, poverty reduction.


Let him be buried quietly since he passed away in the same way.

David from Chhicago

I think it's interesting that even Nelson Mandela paid tribute to Mr. Botha. P.W. Botha was a well meaning man who, in the end, couldn't bring himself to break from the painful policies of the past in South Africa. THAT is his legacy.

Righty Rightwing

It will be difficult to judge the legacy of President Botha until after the looming civil war / anarchy in South Africa has taken place. Many more blacks & whites are murdered or disappeared now than under apartheid.

Rozanne in Cape Town

Yes, PW made his mistakes. But can anyone say they have never made a mistake? Let God be the judge.

Yetunde - London

I am disappointed with nelson mandela for being so charitable about Pik Botha who was a racist who pursecuted black people history should be accurately told and not rewritten to make white people feel better about apatheid


Kristin - NEW YORK

How do we know that researchers were able to get honest answers from those in developing countries, especially in cultures that may not be so open about sexual behaviour?

Kiru in Jamaica

Public displays of affection is still pretty taboo in Jamaica. I've read the survey and it seems very probable, interesting as well.

From Mansour of Monrovia.

I can't understand why men can't control their sexual desire sexual violence has become mens daily core.

Dave in New York

What about women in developing countries - who are pushed into having sex unwillingly? Perhaps Westerners understand appropriate sexual contact more than others...

Paul - Ireland

I don't believe this survey. People in developing countries would be less likely to admit to multiple partners because of the stigma.

Abuja - Nigeria.

I think its true to some extent that people in Africa are less promiscuous than those of you in the west, as most of our cultures frown upon the kind of mad, brash sexuality, reminiscent of animals in heat, that is engaged in and favorably looked upon by those in the west. Idachi Best,


I think pre marital sex is more prevalent in metros than in rural areas...

MIKE ADEBOTE, nairobi.

I disagree with Dr. Njenga about his opinion on Africans & the result of a research. I think what works in a survey is the tool used!

Beno, Nigeria

Premarital sex is ungodly & results from lack of self control sex is worth waiting for should be enjoyed by only legally married couples.

Mwamba, Zambia

Interesting! Africa is more moral on sex & more immoral on corruption? Where are we morally?

In nigeria today, though conservative, there is high sexually active youths almost like that of developed countries.


When one's wrong surpasses his right he becomes a vallian not a hero. I dont think he deserves any recognition regardless who pays him tribute.

Williams in Zambia

Sex survey is a good topic.Sex in African countries is respected unlike in the developed countries. women are more submissive when they are loved.


People in the west are more careful not to get aids but are still promiscuous. Perhaps because they have better quality of life.


Women suffer enough We should get rid of womens suffrage

Phillip - Nairobi Kenya.

The younger generation in africa faces the twin constraints of HIV and religion on their sexual freedom. Open sexuality is more prevalent in the west through popular culture in films, books & music. The jaded outlook of westerners tends to to drive them to seek greater sexual satisfaction via multiple partners.


We had Sand Monkey on the show tonight talking about the alledged sexual attacks in Cairo. Click here to read his blog. Another blogger Big Pharaoh has been writing about this too.

Neehal (woman) in Cairo

The story does not bear logical examination. What is the link between the reported large number of young men, some say hundreds and even thousands, who did this? Was it organised? Bear in mind that the wearing of hijab is widespread in Egypt, especially in middle class and poor areas, so those saying the women assaulted were wearing 'provocative' clothes does not make sense. This an odd story and one which I cannot believe. I think the media have spread this rumour.

Mustafa, Cairo

I cannot believe what I am reading about this horrible story. Not only does this behaviour run contrary to our religious beliefs, it goes against the instinct and nature of most Egyptians whose sense of honour is the most precious thing in their lives.

Sherif, Cairo

This event did take place. Pictures do not lie. This is not a new or surprising phenomenon. It happens all the time and in front of the police who turned a blind eye, blaming the girls for wearing what they say were provocative clothes! Our police has become a political police force, working only to protect the regime .....

Ahmed El-Kammalee, Cairo

This is not new. Go anytime to the centre of Cairo and you will see sexual harassment taking place on a large scale. Many women carry pepper sprays with them for that reason. We should not bury our heads in the sands and deny this.

Hassan Ginga, Khartoum
The strange thing about this story is the role played by the media. Normally, the media are immediately on the scene to report on any incident or a demonstration etc, but they appear to have been absent from the city centre during this incident. I read about this event on the internet, and found many young people admitting that it did indeed take place, but no one seemed to have acted to help these women not even the police.

Yasmin Mahdi, Egyptian in Scotland

Re egypt-absolutely typical that the police didn't intervene.The only ray of hope in this is that shopkeepers,taxi drivers and members of the public had the decency to help out some of these women.


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