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Tole-nothing to-do

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 17:19 UK time, Thursday, 9 November 2006

Ros is ready to go...Ros called it the WHYS "Wacky Races". It was that kind of day. After two excellent days in Cleveland (where we received a welcome that was so warm as to be almost overwhelming), the team was heading for Detroit.

It's about 160 miles away from Cleveland so Ros hit on the idea of he - and all our equipment and personal luggage - travelling by road, saving the BBC a heck of a lot in excess baggage on an internal flight (we may be a nimble programme on air but we still need to take 20 cases with us when we're on the road - alright, not exactly the Stones but we get stung on internal flights for carrying it around).

So Ros sets off, with a satisfied smile on his face - he's not a great flyer - while we head up to the airport. Two hours later, Ros is stranded outside Toledo after the car's alternator broke.

The rest of the WHYS team are on the runway at Cleveland airport facing an indefinite delay because of fog there and in Detroit. As they say, "you couldn't make it up".

Ros was being told that a mechanic was "15 minutes away" roughly every three quarters of an hour, while the owner of the garage he was stranded at was threatening to close up, leaving Ros - and our 20 bags let's not forget - in the dark and still 50 miles shy of Detroit.

...and doesn't he look happy about it.We were being told that it would be at "least 30 minutes" before we could even think of taking off. In the end, we got into Detroit at about ten in the evening local time, while Ros was STILL in Toledo. As we tried to get a van sent out from Detroit to get our esteemed presenter (and just as importantly, our bags - Rabsy was sweating on getting her make up back), the mechanic finally showed up after just 4 hours and he was on his way. He got to Detroit by midnight, and to cap it all, when he got to the hotel the bar had closed.

Let's hope he can dig deep for today's programme. Our editorial meeting was joined by Bradley from Michigan today and his suggestion has led us to discussing "affirmative action" on the show. It's a beautiful, bright day here but definitely chilly in the wind. Some of the guests who've already arrived are telling us it could snow tonight. Bet it's cold in Toledo.....


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