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Q & A

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 17:17 UK time, Friday, 10 November 2006

After the programme yesterday, we held a "q and a" session with our audience, as we've done all week. The questions are always intelligent and surprising and occasionally very humbling.

Ros, Rabsy and David usually field them (with the odd guest appearance from Andy our SM who, when asked by a lady in Cleveland if we used special equipment replied "no, it's just a couple of wires really". This begs the question as to why we need 20 cases of luggage, but never mind) and they've been asked everything from Ros's own personal views about George Bush to what was our favourite edition of the show.

One listener in Cleveland described us as a "live radio blog- but more personal because you can hear the passion in people's voices" and another listener presented Rabsy with a rose (she's already spoken for, but nice try).

In Detroit, we were asked how the BBC is funded, how we put the programme together and where the concept came from. In Cleveland we were asked if we were thinking of doing a WHYS aimed at, and presented by kids (we are) and why don't we do the show on television (the Atkins ego is big enough thank you). Everywhere we've been met with kindness, courtesy and a level of commitment to - and engagement with - the programme which has been very uplifting. So, thank you.

We went on to the Motown Museum yesterday afternoon and again, had a great welcome. It's a special place, and of course we've been there before in March to do a programme from there. The place is a treasure. Our excellent guide got the blokes in the team to "be" the Temptations, which was predictably embarassing, and with only Gemma from the team being the of the right gender, Andy "couple of wires" Hill bravely stepped up to "be" a Supreme, and it has to be said, was worryingly good in the Diana Ross role. It seemed only right to break the bank buying souvenirs from the shop. If you are anywhere near Detroit, please go.

The team went out last night to a brilliant restaurant called the Blue Nile, a place owned by Seifu, a BBC/WDET fan who couldn't have looked after us better. Ros, having not made a media appearance for about ten minutes, made a fine speech thanking our hosts at WDET for taking a chance on WHYS, and backing us (with constructive criticism) all the way.

Dicky (or "Hef" as he's become known after he greeted us at the Detroit hotel wearing a pair of shorts and some white hotel slippers, just as if he'd stepped out of the jacuzzi at the Playboy mansion) was last seen disappearing into the night with a bottle of honey wine from the restaurant....


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