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On the road for the US midterm elections

David Mazower | 18:59 UK time, Friday, 3 November 2006

We've been on air for a year now, and this will be our second trip to the United States. Excitement has been building in the WHYS office for days - we've been admiring our colourful bbc banners, bemoaning our lack of proper business cards, and making sure we know that Washington State is different from Washington DC. Not to mention the prospect of seeing Ros in a suit for the first time.

And of course there's a great story awaiting us. The US midterms look set to be one of the most exciting elections of their kind for a very long time. The debate is hotting up in the US itself, and issues like Iraq and Iran have given the rest of the world a reason to follow US political fortunes even more closely than usual. The gaffes and scandals of the past week have given the elections added interest, and even the pollsters seem unsure of what it will all mean come the big day on Tuesday.

We're really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, whether you're listening inside the US or anywhere else in the world.

On Monday we'll be back with our friends at the Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington DC. We've invited a couple of prominent commentators along to join us - Jennifer Palmieri, a veteran of the Clinton White House, and Rich Galen, a well-known Republican strategist. We'll be inviting the students at the school to talk about their concerns and chat to our two guests, and of course as always you're warmly welcome to join us with your comments and calls.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be the guests of one of our main US partner stations, WCPN in Cleveland, Ohio. On Tuesday, while the vote is going on, we'll be asking what these elections might mean for the rest of the world, and on Wednesday we'll mainly be asking for the reactions of those of you inside the US itself to the result. We're grateful for the interest listeners in Cleveland have shown in coming along to the shows, and really looking forward to meeting those of you who will be with us in the studio audience.

We'll end the week back with WDET in Detroit, who gave us such a warm welcome a few months ago when we broadcast live from the Motown Museum. It's a fascinating city, and it will be good to be back. As for the topics we'll be discussing - that's up to you. Will you want to hear more about the US midterms? Or will you be sick of them by then? It's a blank slate, and we hope you'll help us craft the shows over those two days.


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