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Final fling

Peter van Dyk | 11:32 UK time, Friday, 10 November 2006

Our week in the USA ends today. We had a great response to yesterday's programme, especially the issue of affirmative action - so a big thanks to Brad for joining us for the morning meeting and telling us that was what people in Michigan were talking about.

Today Neil in Detroit will take part in the meeting. If you want to jon us in the future, let us know.

We're not sure what we'll talk about today, but I'll keep you in touch with the meeting when it starts in 15 minutes or so.

For now, here's a story that riled me this morning. Although it's dangerous to your health to get worked up every time you hear about corruption in the developing world (or indeed anywhere else) this seemed especially egregious.

Also, getting (some) people worked up in the UK is Jon Snow's decision not to wear a poppy on TV ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

So we're meeting. No great interest in Jon Snow and his lack of a poppy.

The African corruption got us going a bit in terms of how the US is reliant on foreign oil. Can the US afford to take a hard line on corruption in oil-rich states when they can so easily sell their oil elsewhere?

Mark suggested following up former UK Defence Secretary Malcolm Rifkind's comments that the Saddam sentencing was moved to help the Republicans in the midterms.

There's also the warning from Britain's MI5 domestic security service that there ar e30 terror plots being planned in the UK right now. Should we compare radicalised youth in the UK to the situation in the USA.

Now we're thinking about ending our week by focusing on George Bush's presidency - what can he do with his last two years in office?

So that's what we're talking about today.


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