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Triggering debate

Anu Anand | 14:01 UK time, Tuesday, 3 October 2006

As Richard says, there have been three school shootings in the past week in the US, including the one in Pennsylvania yesterday. So what's the answer? Does it lie with gun ownership? Or is it something about the culture of America? Join the online debate and keep reading for more....

First, have a look at Kathy's website, explaining why she carries a concealed handgun. Australia shares a similar frontier history to the US, so why does it have stricter gun laws? Are Australia's stricter gun laws the reason it has a lower death rate from guns? Some argue more armed citizens leads to less opportunities for crime. Others say a conflict involving a gun will always be deadlier.
This morning on the tube, two teenage boys were listening to loud rap, clearly getting on the last commuting nerve of everyone in the carriage. The only person to speak up was an older woman who said, as she got off the train, "Can't you get some earphones for that?" Of course it didn't work. The boys just laughed at her and got rowdier. She and the rest of us were too scared to confront them. Just yesterday, a man in my old neighborhood in Hackney was knifed to death after he asked some boys to be quiet. Would we have more confidence to handle troublemakers if we were armed? Would we trust situations more, knowing we could protect ourselves? Join the online debate and join us live on air in a few hours.


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