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Early ideas...

Priya Shah | 09:44 UK time, Tuesday, 31 October 2006

We have our morning meeting at 1130 am GMT today, so if you have any suggestions for talking points for today's programme, please post a comment below and we will happily consider all ideas.

You can also join our meeting by sending us your number or calling 44 20 70 83 72 72 (replace the + with 011 if calling from North America, or 00 for most other countries)

Here are a few thoughts on what we could talk about today... what do you think?

This is the story that is exercising the British media today - but is Gambling a problem in your area? Is it a problem? Should the government intervene or is it down to the individual to gamble responsibly?
'Regulating internet gambling better than ban'
A regulated internet gambling industry would offer gamblers better protection than outlawing the practice, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said today

Elsewhere the US government is getting itchy over the way we all see the war in Iraq and Afghanistan....

The closing down of the milblogs, or military blogs is apparently being enforced by commanders on the ground - The AP quoted Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Warnock, the commander of the web monitoring team, describing how US servicemen have described the vulnerabilities of their bases, shown damage to their weapons and exposed information that could leave their families open to attack. We are a nation at war, Warnock said by e-mail. The less the enemy knows, the better it is for our soldiers....

Prince Charles visits Pakistan and not everything is going to plan.... What is the reaction in Pakistan?
Rally condemns Pakistan air raid - Tribesmen in Pakistan have rallied against Islamabad's alliance with the US after an air strike on an alleged militant camp at an Islamic school.

It may seem a little boring, but the Kosovo issue is potentially explosive for a region barely recovered from civil war.... Do ordinary Serbs really want Kosovo that badly?
Serbia snubs UN with vote to keep Kosovo - Serbia set itself against the international community and Kosovo's ethnic Albanians yesterday by endorsing a new constitution declaring Kosovo for ever part of Serbia, only a few months before it is expected to lose the province.

Row over Khatami visit to Scotland - Iran's former president, Mohammed Khatami, arrives in Scotland today for a visit opposed by Iranian émigré groups and a group of MPs who charge that thousands of students were imprisoned during his rule.

Riots after Congo elections bring fears of fresh fighting - Mobs went on the rampage through a town in north-eastern Congo and thousands of ballot papers were burnt yesterday after a drunken Congolese soldier killed two election observers, highlighting the fragility of the peace in a country which has just held its first elections in decades.

Jubilation in Chile? Or are there more important issues facing the country now?
'Lucid' Pinochet charged with murder - AUGUSTO PINOCHET, the 90-year-old former dictator of Chile, was branded a "grave danger to society" as he was placed under house arrest in Santiago yesterday by the judge investigating his role in cases of torture and kidnapping during his time in power.

And Mexico again, I think its all kicking off there and would love to hear from Mexicans about what is going on in their country... so get in touch...
- Federal riot police occupying the grand colonial plaza at the centre of the southern Mexican city of Oaxaca defended their position yesterday against angry leftwing protesters they had pushed out fewer than 24 hours earlier.

Other very popular stories on BBC online:

KFC cuts out unhealthy trans-fats
Elephants' jumbo mirror ability
Burger bar lotto couple quit work
Siberia ravaged by bootleg vodka
Audio slideshow: Suez crisis
China tightens death penalty law


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