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Sudan, Afghanistan and The Crocodile Hunter

Rabiya Parekh | 14:23 UK time, Monday, 4 September 2006

Hopes, Confusion and Passion

Good afternoon, I'm manisha Tank and I'll be presenting World Have Your Say this evening. Peering out of the window here in London at the last sun rays of the British Summer, it's easy to think that all is at peace with the World. Of course, I'm dreaming but it's dreams and a lot of hope that are holding together the fragile peace in Darfur, Western Sudan.

Just when the UN had decided it could send 20,000 peace keepers in to replace the African Union's 7,000 troops, Khartoum says would rather go it alone.

Is this the beginning, as the UN says, of a new man-made catastrophe for Darfur? How do the Sudanese people feel about this crisis and what do they want?


Most of the men were based at RAF Kinloss in Scotland
Also today, as documented elsewhere in our blogs, there are around 70 conflicts going on this moment somewhere in the World. Many British newspapers today have printed the faces of the service men who lost their lives in the aircraft crash in Afghanistan. A lot of the papers also follow-up with reports on the sombre mood at RAF Kinloss, where most of these men had been based.

This weekend, a senior British army official said Britain's doing more than its' share of what's required.
The new head of the British Army, Sir Richard Dannatt, also warned that his soldiers can only "just" cope with the demands placed on them by ministers. Just how bad is it in Afghanistan for serving soldiers, we'll try and find out.

Steve Irwin

There was nothing confusing however about the larger than life personality of Steve Irwin. The Australian Crocodile Hunter wowed audiences the world over with his passion for wildlife, conservation and the hungry jaws of crocodiles. Australia mourns today the death of a national hero and true planet lover after he was poisoned in an underwater encounter with a Sting Ray in the Great Barrier Reef. How will you remember the sometimes controversial man who died in the pursuit of his passion?


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