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Pakistan, 9/11 anniversaries & Star Trek

Anu Anand | 12:49 UK time, Friday, 8 September 2006

Ok we've put as many of your ideas into today's programme as possible. You sent in lots of different suggestions, including:

*America's deteriorating relations with the Arab & Muslim world.
*Rendition and secret prisons.
*Not to mention the looming 5-year 9-11 anniversary on Monday.

Yet, Olen says:

It seems as if BBC radio is really looking at everything through a lens of horror and terror. There are a few news items that are good (eg. the resignation of Blair), but it seems that war and terror stories rule the day.

It's impossible to please everyone, but here goes. Today (drum roll please):

Has Pakistan given up fighting the war on terror? Have they effectively signed a peace deal with al Qaeda and the Taliban? We're also asking if you're tired of 9-11 anniversaries?

Also, if you're a Star Trek fan, keep reading.

First, 9-11 and all its related issues. Five years on, how do you think 9-11 should be commemorated, if at all?
Also, has Pakistan given up trying to fight the war on terror? Today, a suicide car bomb killed several people in Kabul. And though President Musharraf has urged joining hands with Afghanistan, he's also signed a peace deal with the Taliban and tribal leaders.

And now.... we're boldly going where no one (ok, except millions of Trekkie fans) has gone before, inviting all of you to Live Long and Prosper..... yup- you guessed it, we'll be talking Trekkie today, on the 40th anniversary (here we go again!) of the sci-fi epic, Star Trek. Who was your favorite character? What's so great about the show?

Steve in the US wrote:
Let me second your vote to discuss Star Trek. That show has affected our world so much. For instance, The Original Series had a regular African American female character back in the 1960s! Who progressive was that? Also, the show was cancelled just after 3 seasons, but I think I heard a recent CNBC report that said it is now a $4 billion (USD) franchise. How cool is that?

And Syed Aliyazdan Raza in Pakistan:
No doubt the idea of star trek series was one of the wonders itself.That series is still alive with full force. Many thanks to contributors namely writer, producer,set designer,camerman, sound recordist and entire crew for making it possible for the entertainment of the veiwers.

Beam me up! Any other Trekkie fans out there? Get in touch.


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