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ON AIR - Saddam and Jesus Camp

Priya Shah | 17:54 UK time, Friday, 29 September 2006

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As Anu wrote earlier, with yet another person related to a presiding judge killed in Baghdad, the trial of Saddam has run into more problems. What should happen now?

And you've been telling us about a new documentary called Jesus Camp. It's only been shown at a film festival or two, but already it's one of America's biggest talking points.

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Abdul, who was a member of the Arab Unity (which later became the Ba'ath party), said Sadaam is a good man who bought Iraq together. He thinks the trial should be suspended and Saddam reinstated as President of Iraq.

Mark Ellis, who helped train some the jurists involved in Saddam's trial, questioned Iraq's capability to undertake such a trial. He told Abdul that whether or not he believed Saddam was guilty, he should certainly be taken to trial.

Omar in Baghdad joined the debate to say the trial is imperfect but should continue. Neil, a lawyer who has been following the trial with interest said:

I have no faith in what the ultimate verdict will be. As an American I would much prefer for this to be transferred to Europe...

Zozik, a Kurdish Iraqi in London told us his Father is recording the trial because he is enjoying watching it so much. Abdul told Zozik that Iraq needs a strong leader and Saddam has learnt his lesson.

Namgay in Bhutan e-mailed to say:

Since the day Saddam's trial started violence and killings have increased especially in Bagdad and now he'll never get a true judgment.

Liam from the UK thinks:

Saddam will never get a fair trial Iraq. Send him to America for one of their famous fair trials and then lets see him get the justice he deserves - the death penalty.

Mark in the UK told Mark Ellis that it doesn't seem fair or realistic that the trial is taking place in Iraq because they do not have the international law to support it.

Ken in Dublin agrees that Saddam should go be tried in The Hague, as he will never get a fair trial in Iraq. Firas in Kuwait believes Saddam should be killed without a trial, and an anonymous texter feels:

It's time to stop humiliating Iraq and it's former leader ,it's high time to help this country in restoring the social sphere-that must be the main concern.

Now onto Church Camp, the controversial documentary making waves in America.

Cliff Vaughn from Nashville, Tennessee, gave us a run down of the film. A couple of vox-pops taken from YouTube:

Looks to me like Hitler is alive and well in this country.....scares me to know there are people out there doing things like this

Linda isn't a fan of the film:

Children that young need unconditional love, not be made to feel that if they don't get on board the Jesus express, they will be condemned.

AJ thinks there's a contradiction that should be addressed:

It strikes me as more than ironic that, at a time when our current president shrilly rails against "Islamo-Fascism," we have a film released about precisely the same sort of phenomenon on the rise here in the U.S

Aaron Scott, hosts a radio programme in West Virginia:

God is love, but you can't force someone to embrace religion.

Tarro in the United States is also sceptical:

Just what the War on Terror needs, a group of nut-case Christian extremists with the collective I.Q. of a cucumber attempting to revive the Crusades

Edwin runs an Atheist camp for children. Cliff questioned the need for such a camp and asked why he was teaching children that bible stories were "scary".

Rick texted us to say:

If they're worshipping George Bush, that is the biggest sin a Christian can do

And Sam in Ohio asks:

Praying to a false icon? Hardly sounds Christian to me.


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