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Friday forum

Rabiya Parekh | 10:44 UK time, Friday, 8 September 2006

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before, but the producer on early shift to pull together the days news does it from Television Centre. On most days it doesn't feel like a chore to come right out to the very West of London and sit in a windowless room straing at our computer screens.

Today however, it really is. It is glorious outside! Autumnal sun and a fresh crisp breeze. In stark contrast, the office is dull, air conditioned and ever so slightly depressing. But I've had a great time trying to find some interseting stories to talk about.

First up is this question I came across in The Daily Telegraph. They are asking if marriage really the only way to raise children? A new study commissioned by former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith has concluded that marriage is the best environment to raise children because it offers the greatest chance of a stable upbringing.

Chatham House says Al Qaeda are losing their support amongst Muslims. Is it surprising to you? It maybe to some who think most Muslims are Al Qaeda sympathisers.

This story seems to be causing quite a row over in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and no doubt throughout the world, but by banning women from praying in the Holy Mosque in Mecca are you addressing overcrowding problems, or just the latest in a string of restrictions from Wahabbi influence?

A ban on gay Rabbis may be lifted..Should it be? A key Conservative Jewish leader is organizing talks nationwide to tell synagogues that the movement will likely roll back its ban on ordaining openly gay rabbis by year's end.

Zimbabwe has failed in its promise to rebuild the thousands of homes that were demolished last year. So how are people coping, where are they living, have they had any guarantees that they would be given homes?


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