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We return to Religion, nationality and the state

Peter van Dyk | 17:45 UK time, Friday, 4 August 2006

As Ros wrote earlier, today we asked if religion is taking over the responsibilities of the state in your life? Post your comment now.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Alan, London
As we have seen in many countries, religion is not the answer. It's nations all the way for me.

Rabindra from India but writing from Japan says
I believe in harbouring my own national culture, food, and name while respecting others.

Abraham writes
I am a Liberian living in Monrovia. Most of the time I want to participate on your show but I don't know the exact number to get through with.

Kumar, Toronto thinks
It is a betrayal of the country by a citizen to prioritise their religion first and their country second. Religious extremism is a dangerous trend the world faces today.

Stephen - Glasgow, Scotland
If the world moves to a more religion based mentality and the current religious leaders are not put out by political megalomaniacs the world will be far safer for all of us.

Bezawit Abebe - USA
To me both religion and nationality are equally important. Both of these factrs make up who one person is.

Mike NY
What's more important ? The answer is peace. Look at Iraq, Muslim's killing Muslim's. This would not happen if they saw each other as brothers and had a national identity.

Sandra from Holland.
I'm Jewish and this is my "big love' not the Netherlands. I know that God NEVER make mistakes, politicians are making mistakes all the time

Andy from Detroit. USA
I believe that isms are tearing this world apart. We have to set these aside and accept that we are all humans.

Annon text says
I'm an Ethiopian living in America I used to think my nationality was all that mattered, now my religion means a lot in my life and orthodox christianity is all about LOVE and respect to others.

Ona, a nigerian living in the netherlands.
To suggest that religion has done more harm than nationalism is to ignore the grossly inhuman acts committed by the nazis and the soviet union last century.

Ryan Bloom Northern Viginia, USA
Religion is a crutch on which a great majority of humanity relies on to compensate for their lack of real empathy for the people in the world around them.

Kathryn, Atlanta
Any "God" that exacts obedience is intrinsically evil.

I don't trust any religion. Religion is the biggest problem on earth .Yes, i am Nigerian

Religion is fundamental for a human; it gives him human dignity. And Christianity has brought dignity to both male and female on equal terms.

Faris from Sri Lanka
Islam is the way of life if u understand it properly islam is not everything happening in mid-east.

Religion and nationalism have been hi-jacked by all governments as tools to control populations for their own ends.

Religion has sustained me in times when my Government has not even noticed my existence. There is no life without a source to draw life from.

Charles, Ghanaian in Nigeria.
The problem that causes war everywhere in the world is not just nationality or religion but tribalism.

Mwitwa, Lusaka
State and religion should b kept separat. Other wise the religious views of diff church traditions will not be respected.

Nationality offers one a sense of pride. Religion is the only thing that offers true and ever lasting happiness and true meaning to life.

Hadi - from Birmingham, UK
I love my faith and I love my nation.


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