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UK terror alert

Peter van Dyk | 18:01 UK time, Thursday, 10 August 2006

We're off air now but you can listen again for a week using the link on the main page.

We heard your views on the alleged plot foiled by British authorities to blow up several planes travelling between Britain and the United States. Post your comment now.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Tekla, Burbank, CA

I hope the NSA has traced the signal of "Hagus" in Maryland.
It's terribly embarrassing when I hear beings who clearly hate America calling from inside America.
If they hate us so much why are they here????

Kathleen, Hayling Island, England

The atrocities being metered out in the Lebanon and Gaza and Mr Blair's blind unerring display of loyalty to the very misguided Mr. Bush will no doubt create, fuel and perpetuate any real or imagined threat of terrorism. Both are fatal.

Catherine, Ontario, Canada

First thing I heard upon waking this morning was the bad news about the terror plot. Is it only ME or does anyone else see how we bring this on ourselves? I am a Canadian and feel more fear than ever before thanks to our new foreign policy.
It seems the more we interfere, the more we try to "help" other countries it makes us their target if we don't agree with their ideologies. We can't control the world so let's stop trying. Let's get back to looking after our own lives and country let those who want to fight among each other, those who have dictatorships, etc. deal with their problems in their own way.

Steve, USA

As someone born in Maryland, I can say that Hagos, or whatever his name, is NOT representative of us. He's going to believe what he wants, that Israel, Britain, and the USA are behind everything. I'm sure he'd say that the Mossad was behind 9/11, and that Osama is really Jewish. It's comical to listen to people like him, yet also scary. I just pray that he's only words and no action, or we have a serious problem in the USA.

Dorron, Chicago, IL USA

Why is it terrorism when it happens in the UK or the USA and something else when it happens in Israel or Iraq?

Lance Corporal Elias from Bangladesh

I hate those people who are involved in this mass murderous plot. Thanks to security authority for spoiling the plot. I think it is a new threat in the world. It's a result of UK people's dismotivation. So UK govt should take motivation step nationwide.

Peter in Ireland,

Who remembers the IRA bombing campaign and the Cold War.
A) If the UK is in such peril, as stated by Reid, why is the Prime Minister on holiday? B) I would feel safer if UK policy were less immoral and the UK had fewer enemies.

Rodha, Dubai

Its is possible that these is just an attempt to defelect attention from the war on Lebanon....
George Bush always plays the terrossism card when he gets unpopular...using the effect of fear to rally more support for all his less than interesting antics.
I was lucky to have left LHR last night... nothing unsual was going usual security measures... i hope that for all the inconvinience it has caused for the travellors it is more than accurate

Andrew, Sacramento, California

Why do so many people suspect the British and/or American governments of planning this attack on our own citizens in order to divert attention from of Lebanon? Is it so hard to believe that terrorists could actually be behind this?

Craig, Cleveland, OH

I pray that all people flying and families of fliers today remain calm, and understanding of the gravity of this situation.
Alarmism, and anger at airport and airline staff will only satisfy the terrorists and their cohorts, and be a dertiment to social order. We must remain vigilant, but fearless.

Patrick, Pennsylvania

This alert is not an attempt to divert attention from Lebanon and the crisis there. How about the timing of Hezbollah's provocative attack during the beginning of the G8 crisis when the world's leaders should have been discussing the Iranian nuclear issue?

David, USA

Your terrorism expert on today's program stated the oft-repeated assertion that "terrorists are more concerned with making you scared and creating a feeling of terror than they are concerned with actually killing people."
I believe this is nonsense. It is a position based entirely upon looking up the definition of the word terror and then assuming that those who are called "terrorists" work under that banner because that's their goal.
Unfortunately, terrorists didn't name themselves. "Terrorist" is a label attached to them by victems and critics. Any cursory examination of the rhetoric of these people and speaches recorded among their gatherings reveals that the intend to KILL people.

Charles from Salt Lake City, Utah

I feel nervous for my parents. They live in Maine and my step-mother is from England. They are vacationing in Spain and frequently travel accross the atlantic. I applaud the UK governemnt for their efforts. Yet, this alert reminds me of the determination and sophistication of the terrorists.

Vincenza in Virginia, USA

I, for one, am not surprised that the flights targeted were UK to US. After all, the Bush/Blair war in Iraq didn't win us any friends in the Muslim world.

Jeff, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I arrived at the airport in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at about 6 a.m. today only to learn I had to throw away all liquids in my luggage, including items I had purchased while on vacation. Only after going through security and arriving at my gate did I see CNN's coverage of the bomb plot. What a weird world where a foiled bombing in London means a guy travelling from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has to throw away his barbecue sauce. But travelling without liquids or even having to check all luggage would be a pretty small price to pay for flying more securely in a dangerous world.

Anonymous text

I live in Mauritius where Hindus, Muslims, Catholics and Buddhists all live in peace. I think that the failure of the integration of british muslims is due to the arrogance of your industrialised society.

Bilal from Kabul, Afghanistan

The security services in london did an amazing job, and we should be really proud of them. I wish my country had such security services.

Anonymous text from the Czech Republic

It's further proof that the so-called "war on terror" has been counter-productive.

Ian, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Once again we have given in to fear and significantly degraded the quality of life for millions. Terrorists win every time we curtail freedom and restrict liberty without them lifting a finger. Living life as normal is the bravest and most noble thing people can do in the face of fear, and it is the one thing that terrorists hate, it removes the teeth from their threats.

Jim, Wisconsin, USA

This is the worst type of propaganda that I have ever seen. It seems so timely to have it come up quite conveniently when Lebanon is being sadistically ravaged.
Some questions to consider:
1. Do you think that such "unstable" liquids could be smuggled on-board just like that? One would think, after 9-11, that the authorities were aware of such materials. So what is all the fuss about now?
2. If this plot is true, and I doubt it, it will be the reaction of people in the world seeing the carnage going on in Lebanon--with US/UK complicity--reacting. Such invasions usually spawn dissident groups, much in the way Hezbollah was formed.

Jacques from Boston

There must be something very wrong with Islam if its adepts continue to believe that killing innocent people is justifiable. I do not hear Islamic scholars testifying to the contrary in news papers and broadcasting. I am so glad I am catholic. My religion says any killing is a sin, and suicide will send you straight to hell. What a difference.

Ken, Missouri

I plan to travel for a holiday in London in early September. I still plan to continue with my plans in spite of today’s developments. The odds are against any one plane’s being targeted, plus I find today’s developments encouraging in that the British police were able to foil the plot. Of course any developments such as these are sober reminders of how dangerous the world has become. But it is also encouraging in that the authorities are doing all that they can to protect us. We cannot live our lives on the terrorists’ terms—freedom to travel is very important and can only be defended by continuing to travel.

Soraiya, London / Vancouver

I flew from Heathrow yesterday avoiding the mayhem, but my sister is caught in the mess. Thank you, thank you British police for averting a total disaster.
I have two messages to send out. To the terrorists: You may be able to catch headlines with your action, but whatever message it is that you are trying to convey is being lost in the violence. There are other ways to make your voice heard, and I challenge you to rise above this inhumane and dispicable behaviour.
To George Bush: in response to your earlier statement (that the plot was a "stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom" ), Are you so deluded that you believe that these acts of violence are all about threatening American freedom? Either you are ignorant and completely unaware of the complexity of the situation, or you are deliberately feeding your masses the propaganda they need to hear in order to continue justifying your governments foreign policies, the "war on terror", and the billions of dollars you're spending on defence.


I hate those people who are involved in this mass murderous plot. Thanks to the security services for spoiling the plot.


I am surprised people are questioning why moslems are not rallying against this incident. As an american moslem. Did christians rally against Timothy McGrath.


With the present threat by islamic fascists the world is not safe


You must be really gullible to believe this 'terror' plot rubbish. Just watch as no evidence is found and the whole thing collapses. You should be ashamed.


Am sad by the way suicide bombers, terrorist and all mad and senseless killings around the world is always associated with the beautiful religion of islam. Islamic world do something


Am muslim but not happy with any attack plot by so called Islamist, because next month i will be in university of Newcastle Upon Tyne for my MSc.


Congratulations to british police for being vigilant and saving the lives of innocent travellers.


Middle east oil is proving to be curse of worst kind. The west must relentlessly research alternative energy and let east be .


Kudos to the British Police for stopping the terrorists before striking. How on earth could people be so wicked?


These terrorists are still receiving financial support 4rm some government & businessmen. But I wonder how they would have a redress by sharing blood.


The US and UK have to review their acts in the middle east. you interfere with the politics of this area and you create terror.


As long as muslims are being harassed and enforced the west world's cultures on muslims around the world, there is no more safe.


Terrorism is still at large I think its high time we demolish this kind of act for the safety of every individual.


Temporary discomfort is better than permanent loss of life. Any measures to keep air passengers safe must be welcomed.


Congratulations to British police for being vigilant and saving the lives of innocent travellers.


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