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Tuesday's Programme

Anu Anand | 13:21 UK time, Tuesday, 29 August 2006

It's a gorgeous fall day in London- blue skies, cold air. We've had our meeting and here's what the agenda looks like today... though it's always open to your suggestions.

We're going back to Katrina, as President Bush visits New Orleans today. How do you feel about his visit?

Also-- what's more important-- peace or justice? We were struck by the debate in Uganda on what to do with rebel leader Joseph Kony, who's accused of recruiting child soldiers and hacking off people's limbs. The government's worked out a peace and amnesty deal, but the international community wants to try Kony. Should he be left in peace? Or tried, even if that wrecks the ceasefire? Read more about efforts to keep the peace in Uganda here.

A few other ideas we're thinking about. Tell us what you think.

Ambitious women wreck marriage
For days, we've been talking in our morning meetings about the row at Forbes magazine after an article on why men should never marry career women.

"Guys: a word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career." -Michael Noer

Lots of career women are angry. Why?

"What I find offensive is not so much Noer’s resurrection of flyblown objections about career women as wives. No, what fills me with the urge to seize his nose in two fingers and twist it sharply to the left is the attitude that drives all of his reasons, the notion that a wife is not a human being with whom you negotiate, but a major appliance that should be carefully chosen based on whether or not it is helpful or not helpful to the man." -Pamela Troy in Women's Issues

Is criticizing career women a no-no?

"The first rule of Write Club is: do not anger the feminists. The second rule is: do not anger the blogosphere. And if you're stupid enough to anger the feminists bloggers, be prepared for the beating of your life." - Jason Lee Miller, Webpronews.com

Obama in Africa
We're also plannning to invite Illinois senator Barack Obama to come on the programme to take your calls from around the world. He's just been to his home village in Kenya, where he criticized corruption; took a public HIV test; and generally made news all over the continent. What can Barack Obama do for Africa?

Millions in exile
And we want to hear from Iraqis who've left because it's just too dangerous to stay. The latest to go was Donny George, the famous director of the Bahgdad Museum, fleeing the violence that's so everyday, we just gloss over it. If you're an Iraqi anywhere in the world, what made you leave? What's life like now? Would you go back? Let us know.


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