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Tomorrow's another day...

Anu Anand | 19:33 UK time, Thursday, 17 August 2006

Well, we're just off air. What did you think of today's programme? Click here to listen again. And let us know what we got right or wrong.

Adrian Monck, professor of journalism, who participated in today's debate says we only care about stories that affect us or hit our pockets. Do you agree? We as journalists are always trying to find a balance between gettting your attention and staying true to the story! What stories do you remember most? Were you interested in Alam and Ismail's lives in Gaza?

And tell us what you'd like to talk about tomorrow. Should we devote 20 minutes each day to forgotten conflicts? Do you want to talk about Mel Gibson, who's plead 'no contest' to a drink driving charge? Or debt? Are you too overstretched? Is there an issue you'd love to debate? A person you'd love to interview?

Each day we start fresh, with a clean slate, and we do our best to take our cue from you, via your emails, texts and blog posts. Give us a steer now-- what do you want to talk to the world about?


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