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Immigration, Lebanon and yes, Snakes

Rabiya Parekh | 13:45 UK time, Tuesday, 22 August 2006

A small number of French troops have arrived in Lebanon
I'm Rahul Tandon and I'll be presenting tonights show. We had an extensive meeting (20 mins, not bad by our standards) and decided to settle on three subjects tonight.

Is the world letting down Lebanon?

Much discussion about Lebanon in our lively meeting . It is still unclear about which countries are going to commit to a peacekeeping force.

So as the diplomatic manoeuvring continues has the World let Lebanon down? Should your country be sending troops to the region?

Is immigration changing your culture?

Immigration is rarely out of the news here in the UK. There is a daily debate about its impact on British life . Everyone in the meeting wanted to expand on that theme . So what impact has it had on your culture ? Has it been good or bad ?

Snakes On A Plane

It has to be said, Richard did lobby hard. So Snakes on a Plane makes the grades . Is this the way forward to make movies? Have you seen the film yet? We have had so much fun with the sheer amount of spin off material around on the internet about this film over the last few weeks. Send us your favourite blogs, spoof video links and reviews about the film.


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