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How do you deal with a kidnapping?

Anu Anand | 12:39 UK time, Thursday, 24 August 2006

Today in Nigeria, India, Mexico, Iraq, New Zealand, the US, Gaza, Bangladesh, Colombia and Italy -- to name just a few countries!- kidnappings are in the headlines. While the western media is reporting the kidnapping of two Fox News journalists; in Iraq, a recent report put the number of kidnappings this year alone at twenty thousand.

Why are kidnappings on the rise? How do the victims deal with the predicament? We're gathering your stories and experts to talk about it. We're hoping to have someone like Jill Carroll, the American journalist held in Iraq, to talk about her experience, but also, we'll be speaking to terror experts and negotiators on why this is happening.

What's your story? Have you or someone you know been touched by a kidnapping? Should you negotiate, or refuse to deal with criminals or terrorists who are holding a loved one to ransom. Let us know, post a comment below.


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