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Good morning world

Kevin Anderson | 10:55 UK time, Monday, 21 August 2006

Umpire removes the bails
Of course, the big talking point in the UK this morning is cricket chaos at the Oval. I'm an American, and I'm not going to pretend to be cricket expert. I'll leave that to Dicky, Ros and the experts. But basically, Pakistan refused to take to the field for the final session in protest at being penalised for ball-tampering. But that is just the start.

Mark wonders if we have lost trust with professional sports. It seems like pro sports is more about scandals than results. Tour de France. Italian football match fixing. Professional baseball and steroids. The list goes on and on.

Mark also spotted these stories this morning. Has the world worried too much about offending African men at the cost of combatting Aids? Becky Tinsley, of the human rights group Waging Peace, thinks so, and gives reasons why in the Independent.

And it's a subject we've talked about before: Honour killings. In Italy, the police are searching "yesterday for a man suspected of involvement in the killing of a Pakistani woman after her father and uncle were charged with slitting her throat because she dated an Italian man and refused to conform to an Islamic lifestyle".

Also, in an early morning editorial meeting, we talked about the revaluation of currency in Zimbabwe. Hey, who wouldn't love to add three zeroes to your income? But just adding zeroes to a currency really doesn't make much difference, except, now $50,000 Zimbabwean dollars will be worth what Z$500 used to be worth: about 50 pence, or just about US$1. And it all means hyperinflation and a country that is significantly less prosperous than it was just a few years ago. Zimbabwe still has a long way to go to join the worst episodes of hyperinflation in history, but it's not a club that a country or its people want to join. Blogger Zimpundit worries about market failure.

And just to show you that we don't live in a pop-culture free zone, Dicky and Ben have fallen under the spell of Snakes on a Plane, the blog-driven blockbuster in the US. And Rabiya has just found a SoaP rap video. It might just inspire World Have Your Say, the sock puppet edition.

These are just a few stories that we've seen this morning. What do you want to talk about?


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