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Forgotten Conflicts? ON AIR

Peter van Dyk | 17:54 UK time, Thursday, 17 August 2006

We're on air now - click here to listen.

As Anu wrote earlier, today we're focusing on the struggles in Gaza, Afghanistan and Darfur.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well

Simon Gunn. Baghdad.
Two car bombs in Baghdad this afternoon & yet BBC's website is still reporting yesterday's news. Too many correspondents in Lebanon.

Delilah Hampshire, United Kingdom
I became very annoyed with the almost exclusive media attention given to Lebanon/Israeli spat while the consequences of Blair and Bush's catastrophically stupid decision to invade Iraq went unreported, and was producing a daily death-toll far exceeding anywhere else in the middle-east, and had been for months.

bumble, Dartford,Kent
We live in a 24/7 world now, and what was a head line to day quickly fades away when a new conflict makes it to the newspapers or tv. And the viewer`s and readers are conflict weary ,so just turn the page or switch to another channel.

Christopher from Amsterdam
I feel for all the victims of violence and war, but in my busy life I don't have the time or energy to follow every local, national, european and global @news story, so I'm grateful that the major news sources like the bbc filter these stories for me. Otherwise it would be too overwhelming.


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