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Your questions: The Polish community in London

Kevin Anderson | 13:44 UK time, Friday, 21 July 2006

Royal Palace WarsawIn a bit of journalistic serendipity, major newspapers in the UK are covering the topic that we will be discussing today: The Polish migration to the UK. As this article in the Guardian states, some 5000 doctors have left the country since 2004.

We'll talk to one of them tonight who is leaving Poland tomorrow. Wojtek Kluzek is coming to the UK to work at a hospital in South Tyne. We'll ask him why he's leaving, and speak to Dr Pawel Kaczmarczyk, the chair of demography at the Centre of Migration Research at Warsaw University. The flight of Poles from Poland has been described as the largest migration in Europe since World War II.

Have you left Poland? Are you still there and wonder why so many have left? Here's a chance to have your say.

Actually, just reading the article in the Guardian a little more closely, for Britain, this is the largest emigration into the country for three centuries. That is some statistic.

Many of the concerns and questions that we've received from the BBC News website mirror concerns in the US and debates over immigration there. People are concerned that Poles are driving down wages and taking jobs. There are questions about integration, although people generally seem less worried about integration of Poles than with some of the other immigrant communities that we've spoken to this week.

But what is the impact in Poland of such an outflow of doctors and other highly skilled workers? We're just about to leave for the Patio restaurant here in London. See you there.


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