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Your Comments: Do you agree with your government's stance?

Priya Shah | 19:50 UK time, Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Today we talked about whether YOU agree with the way your government has responded to the current crisis in the Middle East. Another lively discussion with guests Rami Khouri of the Daily Star in Beirut and Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian newspaper in the UK giving their perspectives.

Here are some of the comments that were recieved during the programme:

Rami from Lebanon.
I am with my government with its proposed solution to the fight (exchange of prisoners, Israel leaves Shibaa area, Hezbollah hands over its weapons, and an international force to make sure the truce is maintained). However, Lebanon's decisions are hijacked by Hezbollah; they are abusing the trust that's been given previously to them.

From Onchari Oyieyo, Nairobi
The likes of Annan Kofi Who are wish wash should shut up. Bush and Blair are realistic when they talk about a sustainable peace endeavour to the ME crisis. The Lebanese whop are backing Hezbollah are supposed to suffer for supporting a terrorist group which wants to see Israelis finished.

Mohammed from Monrovia, Liberia
I absolutely shock of President George Walker Bush and Tony Blair of ignoring
The level of suffering these innocents Lebanese are going through as a result of
Israel constant bombardment.

Doug says
I am an American and I cannot stand the attitude of the United States. The US Gov. fails to see the Israeli's are at fault even after Israel bombs a UN tower and kills over 400 civilians. It is Israeli who is invading a foreign country and imprisoning an entire culture or population, the Palestinian people. I believe that the United States needs to support the Muslim people and nations around the world to show that they are truly a democratic country instead of an imperialist.

Leon from Australia
I am very disappointed with my government's approach to this issue. They slavishly adopt the US stance. PM John Howard has stated in the last few days that Australia is a "not uncritical friend of Israel" yet we never seem to criticise it in any way.
I often wonder why we bother to pay for a Department of Foreign Affairs when all they seem to do is out source the process to Washington.

Jo in Pennsylvania
I do NOT agree with the way my country is handling this at all We should be demanding an immediate cease fire and as the financier of Israel, we could get them to stop in a minute.. and I have reason to believe negotiation would then be possible.

Mark from US
Yes the US's position is Correct...Radical Islamic groups are using the Lebanese people to advance their agenda.

Steve from Arlington, VA USA
I agree with the US's position because another temporary cease fire is going to solve nothing. Hezbollah must be disarmed, and this cannot stop until some international force with some bite can be put in between Hezbollah and Israel. Innocents will probably be killed, but maybe Hezbollah should have thought about that before they began this

Mahannad, Ramallah,
Yes our governments are corrupt and their position is shameful but we the people are all the way supporting lebanon and the resistance who are making Israel carry great number of casualties that the media refuse to show.

Shahid in Saudi Arabia
I think our king has got it right, although may be most Arabs wish that he would make more aggressive statements against Israel. But that wouldn't help the cause.
The only thing that I really am sad about is that the US and UK could have used this platform to improve their status/relationship in the middle-east among the Muslim world but instead they have clearly supported Israel on political grounds, showing no concern of Human tragedy that is taking place be it in Lebanon and in Israel.

Patrick from Philadelphia
America is doing all it can without losing face by dealing with a known terrorist organisation.

Thomas from Arkansas, US
I am from the United States, and I believe our policy on the conflict is wrongheaded. We should be stopping the conflict, instead of egging the Israelis on.


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