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Tonight's comments: sex ed, Big Bruv, integration and Mexico

David Mazower | 17:56 UK time, Tuesday, 4 July 2006

. . . not necessarily in that order! Tonight we touched on 3 continents, 4 topics and quite a few nerves.

Muslims in Britain: is there a problem integrating?
Nadeem, Arij, Bilal, Saima and Salman -- all UK muslims -- got things off to a great start on the subject of integration in the UK. A hot topic made hotter by Tony Blair's speech today ahead of Friday's 7-7 anniversary. A poll of 1,000 muslims in The London Times revealed a surprising statistic:

  • 65% believe their community need to do more to integrate with British society

I absolutely don't think they're doing enough to integrate -- there's too much political correctness. Some of the Arabic literature scares me

Arij, London

As muslims we have a duty to educate people

Nadeem, Sutton

In British society a lot of social activity is based upon alcohol. For practising muslims it's difficult

Salman, Oxford

At least in the UK you have the choice. Muslims in the UK should try living in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, via text

Sex Education in the Philippines
The Philippines has suspended a sex education programme in some state schools in Manila after priests and a conservative lobby group said they had serious objections ... in fact they said they were 'scandalised' when some pre-teen pupils were asked to bring in condoms to practise on cucumbers.

Even if you take sex education away the children still know about it. It's better that the school provides it

Czarina in Manila

I don't understand why it has to be suspended. Teenagers are doing it anyway

Cora, London

No love for Big Bruv in Oz?
A female contestant on Australia's BB was apparently the victim of a bizarre sexual antic which got two male contestants kicked off the show and even got PM John Howard riled. Was this just a stunt to boost ratings?

Steve (Brisbane) Brisbane, David (Sydney), Nel (Sydney) and David (Melbourne) stayed up into the wee hours to give us the view from Down Under.

Upon reflection I'm worried about the social conditioning that leads to this type of thing


It was a storm in a teacup. They shouldn't have done it

David, Sydney

It serves its purpose and it'll be back next year. It makes a lot of money for Channel 10. There's a lot worse out there -- just turn on the news

Nel, Sydney

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