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Olympic bills, Mexico elex and the pressure to breastfeed

Fiona Crack | 11:44 UK time, Thursday, 6 July 2006

Some interesting stories around today.

One year on since London won the bid for the 2012 London Olympics and questions are raised of slow progress and rising costs. We could link up to previous Olympic cities to see if they're glad they hosted the event and what about speaking to South Africans about the 2010 World cup - are they ready?

Others that caught my eye;

The Indian VC medal. They're offering £70 000 to an impoverished Indian family who have massive medical bills to pay if they give them the father's Victoria Cross. The war hero wouldn't sell in his own lifetime as it would "stain the honour of those who fell in battle with him". Do people think the family should sell?

Shall we return to Korea? Do people think that if people think unification is realistic, or possibly the answer?

Atlantic City stand to lose $9 million a day because the state legislators are embroiled in a disagreement and the casinos have closed. I wonder what the residents are saying....?

What about the Israeli wife swap story where an Arab and a Jew took up the role of mother in each other's houses for TV.

Or how about the all-African bible?

A film in Egypt which shows homosexual scenes has caused controversy. A campaign by MPs has been launched to censor it. A contact says it's a huge talking point there.

And let's not forget about our debate about the pressure on women to breastfeed following the campaign in the US. It's been popular and there are some very nice personal comments on the page.

What do you think of the early suggestions? What did I miss? Send us your thoughts by either leaving a comment here or by email.


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