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China in your hands

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 15:44 UK time, Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Fiona , Anu and I are in Belfast for the second day of our WHYS trip across Britain. As you will have heard yesterday (hopefully) in Bradford, we are visiting just a handful of the hundreds of different communities in this country that make up the overall "community" of modern Britain.

We spoke to people in Bradford yesterday who's families originally came from Pakistan- today we're in the Northern Ireland capital to listen to the city's Chinese community. They are sometimes referred to as Belfast's "third community" and are the city's oldest established ethnic minority.

Again, our aim is to talk to people from Chinese backgrounds around the world- China itself is pretty hard as we'll be asking people to speak to us between 4 and 6 in the morning local time !

Fiona has assembled a cast in London, Vancouver, Siberia and of course here in Belfast at Lee Gardens restaurant on Botanic Avenue.

Of course we will be talking about the latest events in the Lebanon and hearing from refugees too....


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