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Breastfeeding, gay film in Egypt and your voice messages

Kevin Anderson | 14:32 UK time, Thursday, 6 July 2006

People in the US are talking about a government public health campaign to encourage breastfeeding. Most of it seems pretty reasonable. Breastfeeding, best for baby, best for mom. But then, it grows slightly darker. Should women be made guilty for not breastfeeding?

Also, we'll talk about a film in Egypt that some MPs think should be censored for homosexual scenes.

Breast feed or else

As Jessica Valenti says in a post called The Breast Milk Mafia on the blog Feministing: "The underlying message that if you don't, you're a bad mother".

The public health campaign goes beyond saying that breastfeeding is good and says that women who don't breastfeed are putting their babies at risk. Here is a link (audio, 1.8MB) to one of the radio ads that is part of the campaign.

One of the mothers commenting on the site said: "It's just another case of damned if you do, damned if you don't."

We've spoken to some women in India who just can't understand the angst of some women in the West about breastfeeding. What do you think? Damned if you do, damned if you don't? Western angst? More pressure on mothers?

Film touches off controversy in Egypt

More than 100 MPs are calling for the film "The Yacoubian Building" to be censored because "it defames Egypt by portraying corrupt politicians, police brutality, terrorism and homosexuality", according to an Associated Press article on Al Jazeera's English language website.

The film maker will join us to discuss his film as well as people who have seen the film. We're also trying to get people who are upset by the film.

Have your say another way

And as I mentioned yesterday, we now have another way for you to have your say with our 24-hour web-based voicemail feature here on the blog. Peter in Brussels left this comment:

Thanks Peter. Video? Well, I do have an idea how that might work, but I'll have to put in some extra hours with the guys at the World Have Your Say labs (yeah, I wish). In the meantime, if you post a video online, send us a link. And if you need any help setting up your computer to leave a voice message, just send me an e-mail, and I'll try to step you through it.


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