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A new way to have your say: Voicemail

Kevin Anderson | 15:24 UK time, Wednesday, 5 July 2006

OK, I'm constantly trying to figure out new ways for you to have your say. We've got the debates on the BBC News website. We've got e-mail, SMS text messages, the phone, and, of course, the blog. But starting today, we've got a new way to make a comment.

Let's say you can't join us on the programme but still want to comment, and you don't want me reading them out with my silly American accent, well, now you can leave us a voicemail right here from the blog. One of the regulars here on the blog, Steve in Utah, gave it a try:

It's pretty easy. Just click on the little graphic over the right hand side of the blog where it invites you to leave a voice message. That will take you a web page where you can enter an e-mail address and a short text explanation of what you're saying. There is a little security message asking for you to allow the webpage to access the sound system on your computer. Then, just record your message.

If you've got a desktop PC, you'll have to plug a microphone in. Laptop PCs have mics built in, but a separate mic, or headset will work just fine. Now you can send us voice comments that we can play out on the radio 24-hours a day.


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