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Your views on Gaza and Guantanamo

David Mazower | 12:59 UK time, Thursday, 29 June 2006

We've had our editorial chat and have decided to focus on just the two stories for today: Israel's offensive in Gaza and the deepening crisis sparked by the captured soldier, and the Supreme Court ruling on the legality of military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

We want your reactions and solutions to the ongoing crisis between Israel and the Palestinians. We hope to have senior officials from both sides with us to take your calls, so here's your chance to quiz them: do you think the idea of an exchange of prisoners makes sense? why has Israel bombed Gaza's only power station and several bridges? did the Hamas government encourage the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier? Is there room for international mediation? Your questions please......

The fate of the Guantanamo camp could hinge on the ruling by the Supreme Court expected in just a couple of hours from now. It's ruling on the legality of military tribunals and, by extension, on the presidential powers used to set them up. Whatever it decides, the ruling is likely to be highly controversial, so we want to hear your reaction to it.

We'd like to return to the Belgian child murders on tomorrow's programme, so if you have a view on that topic, please get in touch.


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