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Some suggestions from you

Kevin Anderson | 10:40 UK time, Thursday, 1 June 2006

Every day we ask you to set the agenda, and we're had more than a few suggestions today about what you would like to talk about. In addition to news headlines, there are topics that you want to talk about.

Bijaya Shrestha in Louisville Kentucky in the United States wants to know why there has never been a woman president in the US. Benjamin Meyer, also in the US, wants to know why more isn't been done about rude mobile phone users. And Kingsley in Ghana wants to know why the president of the country wants to splash out millions on a new presidential complex.

Read on to find out a little more and a few stories that caught our eye.

Here's Bijaya's e-mail:

When will a woman hold a high office (presidential) office in the US and why has it not happened yet?

It will be interesting to see whether Hillary Clinton will run in 2008. It definitely looks like she is positioning herself for a run. For a full list of the presidential hopefuls, my colleague Richard Allen Greene in Washington has given a full run down of those who want to be contenders.

Benjamin Meyer in the United States has had enough of rude mobile phone users, or cell phones as they are called in the States. He thinks he has a solution:

Rude Cell Phone Users are Everyplace these days - There's only one way to stop the mindless chatter; personal cell phone jammers. They're in wide use in the USA despite being illegal. The best part is that these rude mutants don't know they're being jammed; they experience a dropped call. The jammers are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be turned on surreptitiously.

Well Benjamin, you better check with the FCC there in the US. I'm not entirely sure their legal, although I'm not going to tell on anyone.

Here is what Kingsley wanted to talk about:

President Kufour of Ghana has recently laid the foundation for a US $ 30 Million presidential palace complex in Accra. His justification is that Ghana needs to identified by the seat of the president in the same manner as the White House & Kremlin for US & Russia.
Being a HIPC country and with nearly 32% of the population below the poverty line and inflation at any point of time topping 20%, is Mr. Kufour's move justified?

The project is being paid for with a $30 million 'soft loan' from the Indian government, according to the Daily Graphic in Ghana.

Those are just a few suggestions. Keep them coming.


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