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Hearing from the blind

Peter van Dyk | 13:22 UK time, Thursday, 1 June 2006

Regular readers will recall that a few weeks ago Justin emailed the programme and asked us to find out what life is like for blind people in the developing world.

He explained what he wanted on the blog and it took a while but on Thursday we got Justin on the programme to talk to Aubrey Webson, who works with the World Blind Union, and tell him what he wanted to know.

Aubrey is blind and grew up in Antigua. He's worked with blind people around the world - mostly in Africa - for 20 years.

He's now a senior consultant with the Institutional Development Programme, which focuses on capacity building of organisations of blind people mainly in Africa. The programme operates under the auspices of the World Blind Union and is part-funded by Sightsavers.

Justin wants to hear from blind people to find out what their lives are like, and to find out if they can reasonably hope to live as independently as he does - he's 27, married, has a job he enjoys and lives in his own house. He's also interested to know what sighted people in developing countries think about their blind compatriots.

Have a listen to their chat with Anu, and if you want to take part send us an email or leave a comment below.


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